My name is Sharon Boles, and I write this blog. I live in Prescott, Arizona, but I grew up in Barberton, Ohio, went to college in Tucson, Arizona, and have spent a decent amount of time traveling abroad. I like objects that are scrupulous with details, exotic gemstones (beads and cabochons), and creating things with my hands (my hands are my best tools mind is my best tool).

I started my jewelry supplies business, Sharonunlimited.com in February of 2004. I was at a turning point with my beaded jewelry design business, Cyan Rift, and decided to sell the lovely beads and findings so many people would ask me about. It seemed like the natural thing to do. In 2009, I started blogging so that I could force myself to sit down and write regularly (yeah, right) ; it seems like a perfect format to try and make sense of the crooked road that has lead me to here and now. With no idea what else the internet has in mind for me next, one thing I know for certain is that my survival in the jewelry trade is largely based on finding ways to adapt, to reinvent myself by constantly tweaking what I do.

My goal/new year's resolution for 2010 is to make these posts even better while I further realize my passion for designing artful jewelry through the study of metalsmithing and lost wax casting.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy following this neverending journey...